Art in the public space

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Difusor stencil workshop (2h)

Wednesday october the 14th (17 – 19h)

Espai Jove Bocanord

By Justin Case, Olivia and Difusor collective.

Talk (30min): Street art in Barcelona

Half an hour visual presentation on the local street art scene, focusing on the communicative aspects of public space interventions.

Workshop (1,5h):

How to cut and paint your own stencils; theory and practice.

Street art route (2h)

Thursday october the 15th (10 – 12h)

Espai Jove Bocanord

With Difusor collective.

Students will see local and international artwork by Zosen, Herbet Baglione, Sendy’s and the almighty Blu, among others.

Admissions closed.