Barcelona’s stencil

April 10, 2007 | Closed,projects

A video of interviews to some of the stencilers that we can find in Barcelona, recorded shortly after the new laws on public space in the city.

The video was carried out because of the Difusor Festival, to leave testimony of the consequences of the norm imposed by the town council. That law pretend to abolish the practice of street art, specially downtown, penalizing it with hig bills as well as with a huge buffing campaing.

Cameras: Anna Peix, Neretva 6, with the colaboration of Iban, Gorka Bilbao, Razgo

Making: Neretva6, Justin Credible, Coolture, with the colaboration of Lobo en la Sombra.

Thanks: to artists and vandals. To Schhh for advices and BCNeta for the new canvases every day

8 parts:

1/8 Trepax; Mr. Case, Olivia

2/8 Btoy

3/8 Neor

4/8 Miquel Garcia

5/8 J

6/8 Sam 3

7/8 Omar

8/8 Sonos