07/08 workshops

April 30, 2008 | stencils,workshops |

Universitat Pirata 30/04/08

Street art chat and stencil workshop with the Plataforma en Defensa de la Barceloneta.

Along with the people at the Universitat Pirata, we made a stencil workshop in the Barceloneta area. The idea was to give graphic tools to the neighbours so that it could help them to spread the word about their institutional mobbing problem


El almacén de ideas 09/02/08

Stencil workshop at El Almacén de Ideas, Huesca.


Now 30/07/07 i 15/04/08

Stencil workshop at NOW, CCCB.

In the area observing graphical dissidence and culture jamming, people at RISC asked us to talk about the street art in Barcelona and to make a workshop with teens from Raval.