Open Gallery

August 5, 2008 | Closed,projects

The Open Gallery is a project that wants to transform the wall closing the Parc de les Aigües , Abd-el-Kader street, Barcelona, into an artistic space open to everyone’s artwork.

It’s composed of 34 2x4m frames yet used during the Difusor2007 festival. Those frames, probably built for advertising a while ago, are incorporated in the main wall, giving the unique impression of visiting an open air gallery.

The Open Gallery has few guidelines which respond to the will of understanding between the project and the territory that embraces it.

The project proposes a way of facing urban art regulation also followed in other european cities. It was inaugurated on July 5th, 2008, with a collective show painted live, with artists and teens involved in cultural organisations.

Difusor is regularly updating the project’s website, as well as placing there events such as the 6th month celebration of the project.

The project is open for everyone.

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