Serigrafia guarrilla


The silk screen printing is a millennial technique born in China. Today can be very complicated or very simple and rudimentary , but its importance lies in that this print can be easyly repeated; once we have obtained a first model, the print can be repeated many times.

At this workshop we propose to extract the essence of the basic screen printing: which is the minimum effort for the maximum result? How can we print precariously with the best result? We know one way, but it surely can get worse …

  • Place: La Rimaia (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 550)
  • When: April 3, 2010 at 17h
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • If you want to come, you just have to send a message


  1. Mini theory on the silkscreen
    1. What is the silkscreen in 2 minutes
    2. Examples
    3. Show room of tools used
  2. Stands & Utilities
    1. Paper, stickers, t-shirt…
  3. The framework
    1. Measures
    2. Prepare / recycle
  4. The fabric
    1. Choose fabric (different inks)
    2. Riding in the frame, making the screen
  5. Stencil
    1. stencils & materials
    2. Creative (types of stencils)
    3. Make the stencil
  6. Workplace Preparation
    1. Apply the stencil on the screen
    2. Soul (supports the printing)
    3. Matching of the design and the soul
    4. Arrange the working space observing the work process.
  7. Stamping
    1. Blades for stamping
    2. Stamping Techniques
      1. Cover
      2. Stamping
  8. Drying
    1. Use of space
    2. Print durability
  9. Clean workspace and tools