March 8, 2011 | Actives,projects | , , project launching!

This project embodies a model to manage public space non comissioned painting. It continues and expands an already existing project that allows to paint in the public space (Open Gallery), and contributes positively to social, cultural and artistic life in the areas where it developes its activity.

Objective aims to set up a network of walls where to paint with a legal authorisation.

How does it work?

1. You can donwload, freely and inmediately, authorisations to paint each of the walls, from the project’s website.

2. When getting the authorisation, you can choose date and location.

3. Authorisation is valid, both in paper or digital format, for two consecutive days, including the selected date.

4. If the user sends us a picture of the mural, the system will show it in the website.

Authorisation is generated in PDF format. It shows the name, surname of the user, and the date of the intervention.

At the same time, the system also sends a message to the authority hosting the project and to the local police as well. This message shows no personal information. It’s only a notification about an intervention taking place on the specified date.


Apart from painting, you can join the project trying to open more walls. In Barcelona or any other city, we can try to help. Contact us for that. The more the better!

Now, what about having a look at or choosing a day to paint?