OpenWalls Conference

September 9, 2011 | flash,Closed,projects

Openwalls Conference (OWC) is an international meeting that adresses public space artistic interventions, from two main strands: a seminar and a bunch of murals in Barcelona’s public space.

OWC will take place in october 20 to 22 in diferent locations of Barcelona, Spain Barcelona (CCCB, Espai Jove La Fontana and Espai Jove Bocanord) among some walls in different areas of town.

OWC is born from Difusor experiences in public space artistic interventions management, and aims to put light as much as to connect similar experiences, both from Barcelona and other cities with comparable public space policies.

Those objectives will be embodied in an international seminar showcasing ongoing and past projects, and lectures on muralism, artists, education and many more that would give a comprehension look to the phenomena.

A second objective is to start working towards a frame document that synthetises all the strength of projects and arguments presented. This document, created in a workshop during the OWC, wants to be a guideline to help independent project developer and public instances.

In order to strengthen OWC grassroots spirit, artistic interventions will be spread in walls all over the city, showing close how this kind of projects can help cities being more open, more creative and more inclusive.



October 20-22, 2011.

DOWNLOAD DOSSIER (in catalan):

Dossier OWC 2011