Visita turística en el Priorat


Having made a social-geographic map “The other Priorat” in 2009, whose aim was to reflect that part of Priorat that is excluded from the discourses and institutional tourism, this year, to continue the project, we have proposed a false tourist visit on typical topics of the region, those of which we try to escape … “oil + wine +  landscape = future.”


As we saw last year, tourism in the region is centered on tours and activities with the reference axes wine, oil and landscape, so tourists have experiences with wine, oil and landscape quality. Certainly, oil + wine + landscape = future. In this way, in Priorat, is being formed a kind of Authentic Thematic Park, which is considered authentic in both directions, as well as native-worthy of Priorat. Around this concept of creating an Authentic Thematic Park, about what we wanted to further work from last year, but as a second layer of information, which can only be read if it uses the first, topics mentioned. For example, to go to Porrera from Reus must go through the Coll de la Teixeta, from which you can see the environmental and landscape around large windmills in the area. This dichotomy between atificial stage / natural landscape summarizes our intention making the current project, an informative brochure from a travel agency that offers a tour in Priorat to (re-) learn the topics in the area.


  1. Identify nodes (areas and places) of interest.
  2. Questioning the “quality tourism”.
  3. Systematize this information and generate documentation.


We start from the idea of ​​continuity with “the other Priorat”, but this time based on the concept that we drew more attention: the authentic thematic park. For this reason we started to investigate aesthetic thematic parks, safaris, attractions, trails, zoos … Based on its aesthetics we created a travel agency (visitaturistica) based on the idea behind the project “Captain Obvious” (, where the typical is the most relevant topic. This travel agency will conduct a fake tour of the Priorat announced in a leaflet monograph to be deposited in Priorat Tourism Office (Wine Museum), is shared between pedestrians of Falset and some travel agencies in Barcelona (El Corte Inglés, Halcon Viajes, for example …) and specialized libraries (ex, Altair) through the technique of “putting” (the opposite of stealing, deposit items in, simulating commercial establishments that are part of them).

On April 23, 2011 the presentation was made in Priorat capital town, Falset (samples), where an information table set up where actors were selling the benefits of distributing such Priorat Tourist Route triptychs, stickers and promotional t-shirts with a taste of vinegar. The end result of the “Sightseeing in the Priorat” is composed of audiovisual material generated:


Summary of Information Day

On the morning of April 23 of this year, Sant Jordi´s date, in Holy Week, we set an information point in Falset, capital of Priorat, to make the formal presentation and inform pedestrians about the new travel agency and its new route: Sightseeing Priorat. For this presentation we have 2 hostesses who were informed of the qualities of the new tourist route through the region with information leaflets giving a taste of vinegar (the cheapest in the supermarket) and gift stickers and shirts. Were given about 400 leaflets, 50 T-shirts and 100 stickers.