OpenWalls Showcase @ Fahr.1 (Amposta, Spain)

Fahr.1 sets up a new model of production, dissemination and education around practices related to contemporary urban art. The intention is to generate an annual festival to become a leader in the spanish national scene, as well as a meeting point between local artists with leading figures from the international scene. The program will is to reflect the various trends or areas of work of current urban art, while promoting favorable conditions for the emergence of local artists. The project searches, above all, make a positive impact in urban areas of the main towns of Terres de l’Ebre (Tarragona, Spain) creating an enriching dialogue between urban planning, architecture and art.

Difusor is collaborating through OpenWalls Showcase, a new capsule that continues the work started with OpenWalls Conference, which will bring internationally renowned artists to Fahr.1: Ever, Sam3 and Filippo Minelli. Fahr.1 also featured Btoy, Kenor, Gaser, Megan, Lluc Queralt and some local artists from festival’s open call for young artists.

These artists will accompany the first steps of the project in Amposta, that will open a few more walls devoted to legal artistic interventions in Terres de l’Ebre public space.

Through this collaboration between Difusor and Fahr.1, will continue to help everyone who wishes make artistic interventions in the street, under a model that ensures anonymity and protection to the user through an accessible and free on-line permission.

Here are the results:

We would like to thank Montana Colors, Asbel Esteve, Blai Mesa,  Lo Pati team and Maximiliano Ruiz for their collaboration in this project.