Joachim Ixcalli in Badalona

Open Walls is again in the streets. This time, with the help of Spogo, who organized the project, and Joachim Ixcalli. A luxury to get back to this promising artist from California tranquilando again in Barcelona after his long stay a couple of years ago. Now, thanks to an intense study work and after participating in various projects in the United States and Mexico, Ixcalli has consolidated the style that has developed in Barcelona in its earlier stage.

Beyond the obvious resonances with the work of artists such as MOMO or the argentinian Elian, his work also seeks antistyle elements to add a good dose of freshness.

On this powerful badalonesa facade, Ixcalli can check the proper functioning of his work for the first time in a large format.

Location of the wall here, and artist’s tumblr here.

Video by Spogo.