One of our main goals is to empower citizens to provide it with efficient communication tools. Workshops, aimed at both children and young people as the general public, where we tackle various technical skills of graphic expression and communication on the Internet.

Our workshops aim to always respond to the requirements of usability, sustainability and participation.


Small workshop that consists of a theoretical introduction to stencilism, reviewing its history and current trends, especially the capabilities and responsibilities as a communicative tool in public. In a second part, we teach how to create, cut and paint your own stencil.

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Family Stencils

Workshop on small-scale achievable with families inside or outside. From simple shapes that we propose, the children will be costumitzar shirt creating characters with the help of their parents creating creative links between them.

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Mural of councens

This workshop consists in producing an artistic mural as a result of an investigation procces on comunication and territory. Through various techniques and methodologies, such as urban photography, collective mapping and group dynamics, we do a collective analysis of the environment and translate into a graphical language, that will allow us the creation of a mural that intervention collect this reflection process.

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Guarrilla screen print

The screen printing is the technique used to print clothes. In this workshop learn how to print a shirt with a design made by participants, with the most simple possible.

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Workshop one month in which you enter in the field of photography more communicative, understanding it as a tool of expression to tell in pictures, questions relating to the immediate context.

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