Mural of councens

This workshop consists in producing an artistic mural as a result of an investigation procces on comunication and territory. Through various techniques and methodologies, such as urban photography, collective mapping and group dynamics, we do a collective analysis of the environment and translate into a graphical language, that will allow us the creation of a mural that intervention collect this reflection process.

L'art surt de les aulesL'art surt de les aulesL'art surt de les aules

L’art surt de les aules

Consensus mural workshop in Pious School Nuestra Señora

Mural de consens a Baró de ViverConsensus wall at Baró de ViverMural de consenso en Baró de Viver

Consensus wall at Baró de Viver



Identitat(s): taller EstonnacIdentitat(s): Estonnac workshopIdentitat(s): taller Estonnac

Identitat(s): Estonnac workshop

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