Mural of councens

This workshop consists in producing an artistic mural as a result of an investigation procces on comunication and territory. Through various techniques and methodologies, such as urban photography, collective mapping and group dynamics, we do a collective analysis of the environment and translate into a graphical language, that will allow us the creation of a mural that intervention collect this reflection process.

<!--:ca-->L'art surt de les aules<!--:--><!--:en-->L'art surt de les aules<!--:--><!--:es-->L'art surt de les aules<!--:-->

L’art surt de les aules

Consensus mural workshop in Pious School Nuestra Señora

<!--:ca-->Mural de consens a Baró de Viver<!--:--><!--:en-->Consensus wall at Baró de Viver<!--:--><!--:es-->Mural de consenso en Baró de Viver<!--:-->

Consensus wall at Baró de Viver



<!--:ca-->Identitat(s): taller Estonnac<!--:--><!--:en-->Identitat(s): Estonnac workshop<!--:--><!--:es-->Identitat(s): taller Estonnac<!--:-->

Identitat(s): Estonnac workshop

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